Wet and Wild Las Vegas Opens Video Game Waterslide!

Wet and Wild Las Vegas Opens Video Game Waterslide!

Wet and Wild Las Vegas Opens Slideboarding, the First Ever Video Game Waterslide!

FINAL LUCY GRAY BKGLucy: I just heard about an amazing new waterslide at Wet and Wild!

FINAL BirdieBirdie: Wet and Wild has a waterslide? I thought they only made makeup and nail polish!

Lucy: Not the makeup company, silly Birdie!

Birdie: Oh! I was so excited for a makeover. I’d just love to get my nails painted a sassy red!

Lucy: With your long eyelashes mascara would look great on you!

Birdie: No way! I don’t want anything on my eyelashes! It’d wash off when we played in the waterslides! Wait… Did you say there’s a new waterslide? Where?!?

Lucy: At Wet and Wild Las Vegas! But it’s not just any waterslide… It’s a video game too! It’s called Slideboarding. They even play music while you zoom down the thrilling slide!

Birdie: That’s so cool! How do you play?

Lucy: Well, you start at the top in a tube, but the handles have buttons on them like a game controller. As you ride down on your tube, lights appear in the slide and you have to press the right color button right when you’re underneath the light. There are 36 different difficulty levels so beginners like us can learn easily. As you play more and more you can level up and have even more fun as you play and ride! At the end of the slide, a big screen shows you your score and you can put your name by it so you always know your best score!

Birdie: That sounds like so much fun! I wish we could ride down together… I bet we’d make a great team!

Lucy: Don’t worry! Slideboarding at Wet and Wild Las Vegas has double tubes too so everybody can play! We can be Team Loobi!

Birdie: I can’t wait to play! But Wet and Wild Las Vegas is so far away! I wish there was one closer!

Lucy: There will be soon! The Great Wolf Lodges in Williamsburg, Virginia and the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania are going to open Slideboarding slides this year!

Birdie: If we went to the Pocono Mountains we could visit the new Kalahari Resort and the new Camelback Aquatopia Water Park too! They’re both located in the Pocono Mountains!

Lucy: That’s a great idea Birdie! Let’s go!


Birdie Lucy PawWhat do you think about Slideboarding, the new video game waterslide at Wet and Wild Las Vegas? Watch the video and let us know in the comments below!

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