Shark Week 2015 Rides & Slides!

Shark Week 2015 Rides & Slides!

FINAL LUCY GRAY BKGLucy here! During the hot summer days, Birdie and I just love making trips to the waterpark! Today, we were going to wet our paws, but Birdie won’t get in the pool!

FINAL Birdie Birdie: Get out of the pool Lucy! It’s Shark Week! There might be sharks swimming in there!

Lucy: Oh you silly puppy! Shark Week is a TV program! It’s an informative show on Discovery about how incredible sharks really are! They can be scary, but sharks are super cool. I’m so excited for Shark Week 2015!

Birdie: Oh phew! I was scared one was going to bite you!

Lucy: Sharks only live in the ocean goofy girl!

BirdieBut what about the Shark Slam waterslides at the Coco Key Water Resorts?

Lucy: That’s only a shark-themed waterslide. It’s so much fun with it’s sharp turns and quick drops. It’s like you’re swimming around like a shark, but you’re riding on a tube! Speaking of waterslides, let’s go play!

Birdie: Wait! What about the Shark Attack waterslide at Atlantis? I heard you’re surrounded by actual sharks at the end of that ride!

Lucy: You are! But they’re not in the same water as you. The waterslide is fully enclosed and see-through. The slide takes you through an aquarium full of sharks and other tropical fish so you can see them up close! It’s completely safe and the ride is super exciting! Especially when a shark swims right up next to you!

Birdie: Oh I get it! Say, why don’t we go to Coco Key Water Resort in Rockford, Illinois? I read that overnight guests get to stay at the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center next door!

Lucy: That’s a great way to get ready for Shark Week 2015 Birdie! How about we go to Atlantis, Nassau too? We can watch Shark Week at night in the hotel room and during the day we can ride the shark-themed waterslide! We can even get DVDs or Blu-Ray of past Shark Weeks and watch them too!

Birdie: I’d love to ride Shark Attack now that I know it’s safe! I’d love to see a shark in real life… Just not in the same water as me! It really is Shark Week 2015 for us Lucy! Let’s go!

Birdie Lucy PawAre you watching Shark Week 2015? If so tell us your favorite part in the comments below! If not, tell us what you do during the hot summer days!