Poconos Mountains the Next Wisconsin Dells?

Poconos Mountains the Next Wisconsin Dells?

New Indoor Waterparks in the Poconos Mountains!

Lucy: All this buzz about the Poconos Mountains is so exciting!

Birdie: What do you mean Lucy?

Lucy: All the indoor waterparks that are opening in the Poconos Mountains!

Birdie: Oh! Like Aquatopia at the Camelback Resort and the Kalahari Resort, the largest indoor waterpark in Pennsylvania.

Lucy: Those are just the new ones! They also have a Great Wolf Lodge and an H2Oooohh Indoor Waterpark.

Birdie: It sounds like the Poconos Mountains are going to be the next Wisconsin Dells! You know, the first place to ever have a bunch of indoor waterparks in the same area?

Lucy: I just love the Dells! I can’t wait to have another area like that in the Poconos!

Birdie: I heard they want to build a Spa Castle too!

Lucy: A Spa Castle? That sounds spectacular! A massage and a mud bath would feel great right now!

Birdie: Don’t forget your waterproof Sensi Sandals! You don’t want uncomfortable shoes during your relaxing spa weekend.

Lucy: Especially if you’re getting a pedicure! I love using my fun Mani Pedi kit here at home with my friends! I wish we could bring all our friends with us to play at Spa Castle…

Birdie: We can! Spa Castle won’t just be a spa… They’ll have an indoor waterpark too!

Lucy: Another indoor waterpark? What if there are going to be too many waterparks in the northeast?

Birdie: Don’t worry Lucy! Each waterpark will attract different people and puppies! Families with kids just love the fun-filled Great Wolf Lodge, the Kalahari Resort has tons of private meeting rooms, and couples on a getaway might prefer the luxurious Spa Castle!

Lucy: You’re right Birdie. All the different kinds of indoor waterparks will be good for the Poconos Mountains! More friends will want to come play with us! I can’t wait to go too all the waterparks!

Lucy & Birdie: Which indoor waterpark are you most excited for? Tell us which waterpark and why in the comments below!