Mall of America Showcases Star Trek: The Exhibition

Mall of America Showcases Star Trek: The Exhibition

Star Trek: The Exhibition Debuts at the Mall of America!

Birdie Lucy PawGreetings from Lucy and Birdie! We just love the Star Trek series and movies! So we can’t wait to tell you all about the Star Trek exhibit at the Mall of America! Read about it below! Hope to see you there! 


It’s one of the largest public displays of Star Trek artifacts and intelligence ever to be presented! Star Trek: The Exhibition allows the diehard fan to be immersed in new information while providing the newcomer with an abundance of beginner-level knowledge.

Star Trek: The Exhibition provides an in-depth collection of the universe’s fashion, starships, tools, culture, stories and more. Visitors to the Mall of America’s display can explore sets, view costumes and props, read character stories and profiles, and adventure through a fantasy. Take a seat on the Captain’s chair. Examine the otherworldly devices and utensils from the films and TV series.

Make it a family vacation! Take the kids and visit the Waterpark of America! Stroll through the countless stores inside the Mall of America! Allow your family to journey through the exciting Star Trek fantasy and bring a whole new universe into your world!

No reservations are necessary. The Exhibition will be on display until further notice by the Mall of America.

Birdie Lucy PawLive Long and Prosper!

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