Kalahari Resort Poconos Now Open!

Kalahari Resort Poconos Now Open!

Lucy and Birdie Discuss the Brand New Kalahari Resort Poconos

FINAL LUCY GRAY BKGLucy: I can’t believe the wait is over! The New Kalahari Resort in the Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania is open!

FINAL Birdie Birdie: Kalahari Resort Poconos Mountains? Oh boy! New adventures! Let’s go!

Lucy: The Kalahari Resort Poconos is the biggest resort in Pennsylvania! And they’re not even done building!

Birdie: It’s not done yet? Why is it opening?! Isn’t that dangerous?

Lucy: No you silly girl! The parts that are opening are finished, such as an outdoor waterpark, the arcade, over half the hotel suites, and the beauty salon! In two summers they’ll open the other parts, such as the rest of the 1,000 hotel rooms and more waterslides – indoors and outdoors!

Birdie: Oh I get it! They’re opening some of it now and the rest of it later! It’s going to be huge!

Lucy: After the whole resort is finished, Kalahari Resort Poconos is going to have the biggest indoor waterpark in America!

BirdieWow! The Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio used to be the biggest. I can’t imagine how much more fun the new waterpark is going to be!

Lucy: Do you know where the name ‘Kalahari‘ came from? It’s a huuuuge desert in South Africa! The waterpark is even African themed!

Birdie: Do they have any animals or elephants? I have a snuggly elephant right here! They’re my favorite. See?

Birdie cuddling her favorite Kalahari Resort Poconos elephant.

Lucy: No you funny girl! They don’t have any animals, but they do have a huge family fun center and exciting arcades, a ginormous convention center for meetings, and exhilarating indoor and outdoor waterslides, games, and pools!

Birdie: Wow! We should have a girls night out Lucy! I heard they have a Kalahari Resort Poconos Salon and spa, three delicious restaurants with extraordinary service, and so many gift shops! After we’re done swimming we can get food, a makeover, and we can go shopping!

Lucy: That sounds like so much fun! Let’s get some day passes before they sell out!

Birdie: How about we go for the whole weekend? They only have 457 hotel rooms opened though, so we should make our reservations quick!

Lucy: Well what are we waiting for Birdie? Let’s make some reservations and go!

Birdie: I can’t wait!


Birdie Lucy PawWhat do you think the best part of the new Kalahari Resort Poconos is? Watch the video and let us know in the comments below! My favorite part is all the slides! They sound like so much fun! Hope to see you there!

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