Great Wolf Lodge California to be Drought Friendly!

Great Wolf Lodge California to be Drought Friendly!

How is the Great Wolf Lodge California Conserving Water?

FINAL LUCY GRAY BKGLucy: Hey Birdie! Do you remember talking about the new Great Wolf Lodge waterparks in California? If not you can read about it here


FINAL BirdieBirdie: I remember! We discussed if waterparks in California would have enough water during the drought. 


Lucy: Exactly! Well I heard about all the new drought friendly features of the Great Wolf Lodge California!

Birdie: See Lucy! I told you everything would be okay!

Lucy: The waterparks are indoors, so they can control the humidity and temperature.

Birdie: What does that mean?

Lucy: Well, they can keep it the perfect weather inside the waterpark.

Birdie: Can they make it sunny in the waterpark too? I would love to catch some rays after a float down the lazy river! Then I could show of my cute new swimsuits!

Lucy: They can’t control all of the weather silly! But they prevent the water from evaporating or getting outside of the waterpark. That way the park isn’t losing water.

Birdie: Oh I get it! If the waterparks lost water, they would have to use more to replace it. That would be a waste of water!

Lucy: That’s right! Great Wolf Lodge California uses every drop they can! They even recycle 98% of their water!

Birdie: Isn’t the water dirty?

Lucy: Silly girl! The water gets cleaned first. The Lodges have the best water sanitizing and filtering systems so that they don’t waste any water.

Birdie: Oh! Like a Brita water filter?

Lucy: More like the water conservation kit we talked about last time, but super big!

Birdie: Wow! The Great Wolf Lodge California really is drought friendly! I can’t wait for them to open early 2016!


Birdie Lucy PawWhat do you think about the new water conserving features of the Great Wolf Lodges in California? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!