Get the Deal! Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoobies Magazines

Get the Deal!  Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoobies Magazines

Birdie Lucy PawHave we got a deal for you!

Yes, Lucy & Birdie here!  We love, Love, LOVE, the family of Zoobooks Magazines for kids. They are paws-itively paw-some!

They keep us entertained in the car when traveling, and any time we just want to relax and read.  And, well.. we <3 animals.

For a limited time, they are running a special offer with Groupon for just $10 One-Year subscriptions (regularly, $29.95)!

Check Out The Deal Here!

Never heard of Zoobooks?  (Really!?)

Tired of the kids not putting down their devices?  Try these magazines for good old fashioned entertained and visual pleasure.

These exciting animal magazines teach kids about habitats, anatomy, and socialization in a super fun, vibrant, and full-color photographic way.    They are chock full of activities like puzzles, cartoons, and brain challenges.

One of each on a long car drive will surely get them from at least one pit stop to the next.

Not sure which one to get?  There’s one for every age in your clan:

  • Zoobies is recommended for ages 0–3;
  • Zootles is recommended for ages 3–6;
  • Zoobooks is recommended for ages 6–12