Great Wolf Lodge California to be Drought Friendly!

How is the Great Wolf Lodge California Conserving Water? Lucy: Hey Birdie! Do you remember talking about the new Great Wolf Lodge waterparks in California? If not you can read about it here!    Birdie: I remember! We discussed if waterparks in California would have enough water during the drought.    Lucy: Exactly! Well I heard about all the […]

Barbie Puppy Water Park Really Makes a Splash!

Lucy, Birdie, and the Barbie Puppy Water Park! Lucy: I’m so excited about the new Barbie waterpark! Birdie: Another new waterpark?! Lucy: Well, it’s not a real waterpark, but it’s a super fun toy that comes with an exciting waterpark playground for Barbie’s puppies! Birdie: Oh I’ve heard about that! The Barbie Puppy Water Park! I can’t wait to play […]

Poconos Mountains the Next Wisconsin Dells?

New Indoor Waterparks in the Poconos Mountains! Lucy: All this buzz about the Poconos Mountains is so exciting! Birdie: What do you mean Lucy? Lucy: All the indoor waterparks that are opening in the Poconos Mountains! Birdie: Oh! Like Aquatopia at the Camelback Resort and the Kalahari Resort, the largest indoor waterpark in Pennsylvania. Lucy: Those […]

Shark Week 2015 Rides & Slides!

Lucy here! During the hot summer days, Birdie and I just love making trips to the waterpark! Today, we were going to wet our paws, but Birdie won’t get in the pool! Birdie: Get out of the pool Lucy! It’s Shark Week! There might be sharks swimming in there! Lucy: Oh you silly puppy! Shark Week is a TV program! It’s an […]

Kalahari Resort Poconos Now Open!

Lucy and Birdie Discuss the Brand New Kalahari Resort Poconos Lucy: I can’t believe the wait is over! The New Kalahari Resort in the Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania is open!  Birdie: Kalahari Resort Poconos Mountains? Oh boy! New adventures! Let’s go! Lucy: The Kalahari Resort Poconos is the biggest resort in Pennsylvania! And they’re not even done building! Birdie: It’s not […]