Best Indoor Water Parks to be Named by USA Today!

Best Indoor Water Parks to be Named by USA Today!

USA Today Runs Contest for the Best Indoor Water Parks in America

FINAL LUCY GRAY BKGLucy: Birdie! USA Today is having a contest for the best indoor water parks in America! Whichever water parks are the most thrilling, adventurous, fun-filled, and safe win the contest!


FINAL BirdieBirdie: How do they know which water parks are the best? Everybody has a favorite water park!


Lucy: Well that’s where you help them!

Birdie: What do you mean?

Lucy: You have to vote for your favorite water park! Whichever water parks get the most votes win the contest and are crowned the Best Indoor Water Parks! If you would like to vote, click here!

Birdie: I love voting! I’m going to vote for my favorite water parks right now!

Lucy: You can only vote for one silly girl! The nominees are…

                 Aquatopia at Camelback Lodge, PN

                 Avalanche Bay, MI

                 Big Splash Adventure, IN

                 Breaker Bay, WI

                 Castaway Bay, OH

                 Chula Vista, WI

                 Evergreen Wings & Waves, OR

                 Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Niagara Falls, Ontario

                  Great Wolf Lodges (all locations)

                 Kahuna Laguna, NH

                 Kalahari Resorts (all locations)

                 KeyLime Cove, IL

                 Massanutten, VA

                 Schlitterbahn Galveston Island, TX

                 Silver Rapids, ID

                 Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, NY

                 Splash Lagoon, PA

                 Waterpark of America, MN

                 Wilderness at the Smokies, TN

                 Wilderness Resort, WI

Birdie: That’s okay! I’ll just vote again, right?

Lucy: You can only vote once a day, so choose wisely!

Birdie: Aww rats! I just love to vote!

Lucy: You can vote in other categories! There is a Best Waterslide, Best Outdoor Water Park, Best Water Park Kids’ Area, and more! But remember, you can only vote once a day!

Birdie: When will we find out who won?

Lucy:  Voting for the Best Indoor Water Parks ends August 31 and they will announce the Best Indoor Water Parks in America then. Each category ends on a different day.

Birdie: I can’t wait to see who wins!

Lucy: Click here for the current leaderboard!



Birdie Lucy PawWhat is your favorite indoor water park? Let us know in the comments below and remember to vote daily!



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