Barbie Puppy Water Park Really Makes a Splash!

Barbie Puppy Water Park Really Makes a Splash!

Lucy, Birdie, and the Barbie Puppy Water Park!

Lucy: I’m so excited about the new Barbie waterpark!

Birdie: Another new waterpark?!

Lucy: Well, it’s not a real waterpark, but it’s a super fun toy that comes with an exciting waterpark playground for Barbie’s puppies!

Birdie: Oh I’ve heard about that! The Barbie Puppy Water Park! I can’t wait to play with one!

Lucy: The waterslide actually flows with water! And there’s a waterfall just above the puppy carousel! If only it was a real waterpark…

Birdie: A waterpark for puppies! It’d be so much fun! We could go swimming with all our puppy friends and splash in the sun… I’d just love to go down the curly puppy slide!

Lucy: I would love to ride the carousel and see everybody from the top!

Birdie: Yikes! It’d be scary from way up there!

Lucy: Don’t worry Birdie! I’ll cuddle your paw up there. It’s not a real park anyway, remember?

Birdie: Oh yeah! The Barbie Puppy Water Park toy! I heard the puppies spray water out of their mouths and Barbie holds a seahorse that can spray water too! And the white puppy looks like you Lucy! Too bad the brown puppy isn’t darker colored like I am or we could be the models for the Barbie Puppy Water Park!

Lucy: Hey… Why aren’t there toys made like us?! We should make waterpark toys! We could have little figures for us and all our friends too!

Birdie: We could even make them spray water like Barbie’s puppies! We could have our own Barbie Puppy Water Park, but it’d be Loobi Puppy Water Park!

Lucy: This is such a good idea! Why don’t we go play with the toy? Maybe we can get some more ideas for the waterpark, and have some fun!

Do you have any ideas for new fun waterparks like the Barbie Puppy Water Park? Tell us all about them in the comments below!